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Thousands of Christian and Private Schools around the world are successfully using this program. This traditional approach to education keeps learning lively, interesting and memorable. Scriptural and character building truths are woven throughout every book.

Developed with over 30 years of actual classroom experience, this method of teaching prepares children for accelerated academics. Considering the years of testing and classroom experience, you can rest assure your child is receiving nothing less than the highest quality education.

We are delighted to receive such positive feedback from parents, teachers and children concerning this program. We are equally excited to be able to continue offering this highly acclaimed curriculum at the Promise Land Preschool.

Promise Land Preschool

programs offer a Christian philosophy of education and a Christian environment for growth. Our programs stress writing, phonics, numbers, health, safety and manners.

Spiritual Growth

God is central in the classroom. Children are taught that they are special and loved and in turn must learn to love and forgive.

Emotional Growth

Children are encouraged to develop a healthy self-image and express their true feelings.

Social Growrth

Through interaction, children are encouraged to be cooperative, considerate and helpful.

Intellectual Growth

All programs are designed to stimulate intellectual and creative abilities.

At the Promise Land Preschool

At the Promise Land Preschool you will find dedicated Christian teachers who make the classroom an extension of the home with lots of love to each child.

In the 2-3
year old classes your child will

  • Learn pledges (Bible, American, & Christian flags)
  • Learn the number to concept (1-20)
  • Learn the alphabet
  • Learn basic phonics
  • Learn colors and shapes
  • Enjoy friends, playtime, lunch and naptime
  • Receive practical training in manners, sharing, health and safety
  • Enjoy story time with “Mr. Button Bear”
  • Enjoy nursery rhymes, poetry and art
  • Enjoy bible stories, chapel and music

In the 4-5
year old classes your child will

  • Learn basic phonics, including consonant and vowel sounds, blends and one-two vowel words
  • Learn number concepts
  • * Learn about the Presidents of the U.S., Planets, States and their Capitals
  • Enjoy nursery rhymes, poetry and art
  • Learn cursive writing
  • Learn to identify the alphabet
  • Learn to read in circle time
  • Enjoy bible stories, chapel and music
  • Have fun on the playground in activities with classmates
  • Receive practical training in manners, health and safety


Scholarship opportunities via Step Up for Students and AAA Scholarship programs


rated preschool 10 years in a row


of our students excel academically
at or above grade level